Indo Bomb Kratom Capsules - Party Pack 30 Capsules

Experience Alternatives Kratom has re-branded and is now Experience Botanicals Kratom. Packaging is now in a screw top bottle, and the capsules are a smaller more managable 750mg size.  Even the name has changed from "Indo Bomb" to "Bali Capsules".  The great news is that the actual kratom product has stayed the same!!

Experience™ Kratom is the best selling all natural Kratom product available globally. Experience uses a proprietary extraction process making their Kratom "the highest quality Kratom on the market" as rated by Headquest Magazine. Made from the finest Bali Leaf these are one of our best selling Kratom capsules!

The Indo Bomb Party Pack contained 30 capsules, this new Bali Capsule bottle contains 42 capsules.

***20% off when you buy two or more!

  • Manufacturer: Experience Alternatives

Indo Bomb Kratom Capsules - Party Pack 30 Capsules

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